All presentations are intended to expand one’s horizons and can be geared toward the interests of your group.  They will all include the story behind my quilt “Hell and Hope” which is in the traveling exhibit A Better World: Heroes working for the greater good curated by Susan Brubaker Knapp and Lyric Kinard. You can see the entire exhibit at To find my quilt click on the blue flower icon under Art and Artists.

Creativity in Design and Quilting 

View my quilts within the framework of Inspiration, Design, Quilting, Technique and Materials.  It will touch on the concepts of color and value, the relationship between elements, and the message behind the quilt.  I hope everyone’s eyes and mind will open even if just a little bit to enhance their next project.  It’s not just a plain trunk show, but also an opportunity to see the individuality in each quilt we make.

Exploring Free-Motion Quilting 

Want to add pizzazz to your quilts?  This trunk and slide show will look in depth at the quilting designs used and discuss tools and methods.  I will also show how to make variable-sized flying geese without piecing.

The Voice of Quilts

While we most commonly think of the love that quilts create, they are also an avenue of expression that is often directed toward writing.  This can range from frustration and anger to admiration and joy, honoring a person to presenting social issues. The intersection of quilting and writing came with inception of the exhibit A Better World:  Heroes working for the greater good which includes quilts and essays with their call to action for the viewer.  I will present my view with quilting over the years, quilts with the maker’s view, and the writing process that brought me to my quilt “Hell and Hope” along with other quilt projects and books designed to expand our awareness in the world.

This presentation is for both quilters and non-quilters.


Fun with Free-Motion Quilting (6 hours)

Want to add pizzazz to your quilts?  Perhaps you have been quilting for a while or maybe you have never taken the first step into freeing your mind and your sewing machine.  We will start with some simple exercises to connect your mind with your hands and your machine.  Then you’ll design something out of the ordinary to quilt, learn how to transfer it to your quilt and make the magic happen.  Bring a quilt or two if you want ideas on how to quilt it.

This class is for any level of ability and encouraged for experienced quilters. Sample quilt is in Free Motion Mastery in a Month by RaNae Merrill.

Tapping Your Creativity 

(6 hours or 2 sessions 3 hours each)

Let’s explore together and see how you can expand your vision for your quilts—even if you are a traditional quilter.  We will use paper, pencil and scissors and then be introduced to various techniques that you can incorporate into your work at home.  Using a bird motif you will design a wall hanging and use techniques and materials to enhance it. You can create a landscape background or keep it simple. Have fun with thread painting, tulle and embellishments.